miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2012

Saturday September 8, 2012 Journal of a bike tour, the day of the triathlon in Valencia, suburban adventure

Out of Valencia in bike into the park of the Albufera represents recovering the the landscape of childhood and also our people, linked to irrigating water and the wetlands
back the futuristic architecture of Santiago Calatrava at the City of Arts and sciences, we ride our minds to the past centuries in history. Three farmhouses around a common courtyard just off the city's perspective 
 reminds us of the great Hebrew or Arab family clans that share the essentials in Mediterranean Lands.

The observation point at Pinedo Beach allows us to observe the rice fields and the green pines of the Meadow innland's, and the blue september sea to the right, with camels-like loaded ships waiting for the download at the Port.

We reach the beach of El Saler where we enter a forest that combines the saline depressions of former wetlands with pine trees wrapped in honeysuckle mantle,

Further away the gorge of El Saler opens and closes its doors, like a giant opens his arms, to grade the level of water in the rice fields that surround the lake.                          

Exhausted Bikes after 15 miles riding seem to look into the sea and likedt to jump into the water as their enthusiastic owners.
The aerial view from the
perspective of a friend's appartment allows us to combine seashore and pine-forest with the prospect of the rice fields and their engines in line, as patients guard-corps.  
Finally, the sun set in the west of the lake will invite us to say some promises as the golden atmosphere purifies our soul.