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Cultural River Turia Park: The island of Museums: Benlliure's House, music, poetry and color

We'll present in next deliveries some issues about the island of Museums of Valencia, somehow a cultural strip on boths sides of the Turia River Park with dedicated to fine arts of the modernist period, contemporary and avandgard. Also are to be considered the museums and cultural halls of the botanical garden of the city, near Torres de Quart and Corpus Museum next to the towers of Serranos.
First of all, coming from the north do we find the Ivam, or institute of Modern Art's with a permanent collection of the social and genre painter Ignacio Pinazo of modernist style, and the scultures Colection of the Catalan artist Julio Gonzalez. Besides it is worth to visit the Art's Center of El Carmen with temporary exhibitions devoted to various topics, such as portrait, the eighteenth-century political life and several schools of painting.

Beyond we find the Museum of Jose Benlliure, and across the bed of the Turia San Pio V Museum of Fine Arts Academy.

On Sunday we visited the house just behind this Carmen Center where lies the Museum-House of José Benlliure on a family tour. Jose Benlliure was another Valencian genre painter, born into a family of artists, in the Cabanyal. His style reflects both simple and grandiose themes but everyone represent a witness about the social life of XIXth Century

J. Benlliure, Lonja of Valencia
Benlliure, pescador del Cabanyal reparando las redes


Crossing the threshold of the house, one rests surprised of the beauty of the building and even more surprising because of the conservation status, despite the changes in the city over the past two centuries. The building was designed in 1880 by Vicente Miguel and Viñuelas, and conceived as a typical middle-class house for a wealthy family at the time: ground floor with visitors room and dining room, main floor with veranda and garden or “patio's” views, second floor for renting and an attic for the service. In the upper floor you can see paintings, ceramics, sculptures and drawings of the Benlliure brothers, and some sample of joaquin Sorolla , Muñoz Degrain and other illustrious artists.

The garden offers a unique space, a very beautiful style garden or "patio" with coastal trees such as pines, cypress, laurels, orange trees and, Mediterranean plants and geraniums, jasmine and linden trees in the arrangement of a beautiful flower bedline and pavillions, according to the distribution of private gardens Valencia. Finnally a mix where the fountain with its water games focused the roundabout towards a center where light converges, as an arabic heritage, cypresses and parterres own their charm to Renaissance gardens to which we must add the sculptural motifs and the local pottery Valencian tradition.

Another example of neoclassical type is present in the Sorolla House Museum in Madrid, with its parterres and white roses that inspired his art, as a symbol of white dressed beautiful women walking along the beach of Malvarrosa at the sunset hur. Sorolla also got a workshop or studio at the end of the courtyard.

Parterre con juegos de luz

Cocina de cerámica

Fuente en la glorieta


At the end of the Museum-House is located the studio of the painter José Benlliure with excellent lighting and magnificent views to the garden of the inspiring Muses, as living creatures of the landscape from this urban manner House. The house at his time connected to the ancient Carmen Convent, where the Headquarters of the Academy of Fine Arts San Fernando were located.

lectura al atardecer

In the studio you can see sketches of works, portraits and modernist landscapes, such as this reading female group, an evening family session surrounded by a floral atmosphere.

Rosas Blancas del Jardín, 



Jardín de Joaquín Sorolla en su casa de Madrid.

Thank you for choising Valencia, Itineris